2020 COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant Recipients


2020 Grant Recipients

Thank you so much for your support of Club Blue!
This year, we will once more be raising funds for multiple non-pro t 501(c)3 organizations that carry out the mission of Club Blue:


We hope you will continue to support our fundraising efforts, knowing that your sponsorship dollars directly affect the lives of children in need.

When we work together as a community our impact is incredible. We can change the lives of children in need right here in Rockford. Please help us reach our goal!

The Club Blue Committee, 2020


Children's Safe Harbor provides a safe place for families to use when exchanging children for visitation and provides supervised, safe visitation services. Club Blue's grant will support expansion of their "Safety for Children through Expanded Exchange Programming." This grant will allow for additional staff to have their doors open for safe morning exchange of children on Sunday's between 8am-12pm


KFACT Inc. is a grassroots, nonprofit youth development and holistic mentoring organization serving underprivileged girls in Rockford. Their mentoring program, "Lady All Stars", is a one-of-a-kind program that provides tailored programs to meet the individual needs of girls, which not only positively impacts academic achievement, but also inspires girls to avoid engaging in risky behaviors or becoming teen parents. Club Blue's grant will help the organization continue to support their mentorship program which has a 100% high school graduation rate, 96% of this high school graduates move on to further higher education.

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The Medical Evaluation Response Initiative Team (MERIT) is an innovative program developed by health care providers in collaboration with the University of Illinois College of Medicine Rockford, the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) and the Carrie Lynn Children’s Center.

At MERIT, it is their vision to be a child-centered, community-based program dedicated to providing all children suspected of physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect with timely expert medical evaluations and treatment, as well as serving the community as a resource for prevention, research and education.

Children's Home and Aid

Children’s Home & Aid is a leading child and family service agency in Illinois. They help children recover their health, their hope, and their faith in the people around them.

They link children to a network of opportunity and care, to extended family, teachers, mentors, and the resources of their neighborhood and community. For 135 years, they go wherever children and families need them, and where that work has been proven to be most effective: at home, in the classroom, in the neighborhood, in the course of daily life. Their offices are located across Illinois and serve more than 40,000 children and families each year in over 60 counties.

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The mission of CASA is to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect, and to advocate for safe, permanent, nurturing homes for children.  The CASA grant will enable the agency to have an additional staff person to train volunteers.  This will allow more children to be supported in homes, foster homes, schools and everyday life as the volunteer serves to gain insight into what has occurred in the child’s life to result in their placement outside their family home. As a part of this grant, Club Blue will grant funds annually over the next three years to ensure that more children in Winnebago County are supported through a very trying time in their young lives.

Rosecrance Mildred Berry Campus


Rosecrance provides help, hope and recovery to children, youth, adults and families. Existing spaces at the Berry Campus will be transformed into a play therapy room and a sensory room to supplement more traditional “talk therapy.” These new resources will serve children with varying needs through non-verbal play stations, games, items to engage tactile and auditory senses, including a dollhouse and art supplies.  In addition, portable kits will be created for clinicians to use in over 2,000 community crisis calls each year.  Over 3500 children were served in 2016 at the Berry Campus and this grant will assist clinicians in more successfully engaging kids to teach and model skills to manage their mental health symptoms in daily life.


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Mission:  Building Healthy Futures

KFACT Inc. is a grassroots, nonprofit youth development and holistic mentoring organization serving underprivileged girls in Rockford.  It was founded by Shamika Williams in 2009 and has been changing the lives of at-risk girls in our community ever since.  Their mentoring program, “Lady All Stars”, is a one-of-a-kind program that provides direct support services and builds long-term relationships with girls beginning in middle-school and progressing into adulthood.  KFACT tailors programs to meet the individual needs of girls, which not only positively impacts academic achievement, but also inspires girls to avoid engaging in risky behaviors or becoming teen parents.  KFACT structures its programming around three values statements:  Enhancement, Exposure and Empowerment.

Project:  Donated funds will provide a designated place for a GIRLS Space program for at-risk girls.  GIRLS is an acronym for Girls In Real Life Situations and will provide the following programs and services:

  •      Resource Lounge: The resource lounge will allow for the research of  post-secondary education opportunities, grants and scholarships.  Girls will have the opportunity to research and learn how to apply to colleges and learn about vocational programs and employment opportunities. The lounge will also include a snack bar for girls who have not eaten dinner after school.

  •      Computer Lab:  The lab will allow girls to learn basic computer skills and how to communicate electronically.

  •      Laundry Facilities: A washer and dryer will allow girls to wash their own clothing, as many do not have facilities where they live.

  •      KFACT Headquarters:  The new space will serve as a command center for KFACT to effectively and efficiently serve their population.

Rock House Kids



Mission:  Reaching at-risk children, and sharing God's love with at-risk children through Biblical principles, with spiritual and physical solutions.

Motto:  Help a child today and you won't have to repair an adult tomorrow.

Rock House Kids was founded in 1999 by Dola Gregory and now provides a safe place for up to 275 kids weekly in Rockford’s low income and high crime neighborhoods.  At Rock House Kids, children ages 5 to 18 find food, shelter and tutoring while learning to develop life skills such as honesty, faithfulness, patience and generosity.  Children are sent home with a non perishable, kid friendly food bag each night.

Project:   Donated funds will allow Rock House Kids to expand into the adjacent building to accommodate their growth in the community and allow additional children to attend their programs. Plans for the space include:

  •      Additional classroom space

  •      Updated bathroom facilities

  •      Creation of an expanded cafeteria

  •      Creation of a new entryway for improved efficiency and safety

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