Frequently Asked Questions

8 years, 12 charities, over $2 million dollars, countless kids, lots of community, lots of love…

And we won’t stop there.

Club Blue is evolving.

Times are changing and it is time for Club Blue to change with them. Club Blue has established itself not only as Rockford’s #1 party, but as a foundation that betters the lives of children within the community.

Club Blue the event may be evolving into something different but one thing is absolute: Club Blue’s mission remains the same.

“The club blue grant program was established to raise funds to supply the basic goods and services that promote the safety, health and well being of children in need in our community.”

In true Club Blue fashion, you won’t know what the future holds until the time is here.

Thank you for opening your hearts, donating your time and talents, and pledging your dollars to help kids in need.

Stay tuned for updates from Club Blue, you never know what’s to come.